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Potential for Blue Growth in the Black Sea

After the realisation of a preliminary assessment of the potential for Blue Economy in the Black Sea given the status of MEAs and MPDAs, based on previous studies carried out by the European Commission and other stakeholders, in particular during regional meetings, it has been recognised that there is a multitude of common maritime assets and issues in the Black Sea that favour a common maritime agenda:

  • There are many marine and maritime shared interests (fisheries, environment, tourism), calling for coordinated actions and synergies (governance and cooperation);
  • The Black Sea region maritime and coastal capital is very rich, relatively unexploited, and could be used to support potential opportunities, through both sustainable development/adaptation of existing activities and creation of new ones;
  • There is already a well-established record of cooperation with a number of regional organisations involved in maritime issues;
  • There is need for coordinated actions to promote the Black Sea (e.g. maritime and coastal tourism) beyond the region itself.


Our Intervention areas for the Black Sea