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1. What is the purpose of the Common Maritime Agenda (CMA)?

The CMA has been set up to establish broad cross-sector cooperation in the Black Sea basin, in line with the Ministerial Declaration on a Common Maritime Agenda in 2019.

The Black Sea countries have committed to more political and operational cooperation, and in general to a new dynamic for better sea governance. Joint projects will be established to achieve the three (3) main common goals: 1. Healthy marine ecosystems; 2. Innovative Blue Economy; 3. Investment.

These actions are further divided into ten (10) priorities, to which different actions are associated. These actions should be taken into account when developing project ideas.


2. What is the role of the Black Sea Assistance Mechanism (BSAM)?

The BSAM is an EU-funded project that supports the implementation of the CMA. A central management team oversees and guides the project's execution, while seven national hubs (NHs) in the participating countries (Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine) coordinate national stakeholder involvement and engagement. 

The NHs liaise with local, regional, and national stakeholders to promote collaboration, spread information on funding opportunities, and assist interested parties in conceptualising their project ideas in line with the CMA goals.

This process is both bottom-up and collaborative. CMA national coordinators and policy stakeholders are actively teaming up with blue economy players – governments, academia, businesses, and civil society representatives – to shape and enable large-scale and ambitious flagship projects.


3. What function does the Black Sea Virtual Knowledge Center (BSVKC) and Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Black Sea (SRIA)/ Black Sea Connect play in the CMA?

Active cooperation and coordination with the BSVKC and the SRIA / Black Sea CONNECT project are key for the implementation of the CMA.

BSVKC contributes significantly to the successful implementation of the CMA. It provides a central forum for stakeholders to share and access information on the blue economy, thereby strengthening synergies between parties and projects involved. The BSAM works in close liaison with BSVKC by sharing any relevant information with Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) Permis which ensures the management of the BSVKC.

Black Sea CONNECT is a Horizon 2020 coordination and assistance action that will scientifically, technically, and logistically back the broader BSAM. It is supported by the European Commission and is composed of country-appointed experts, stakeholders, and various national and international organisations.

Black Sea CONNECT is rolling out the SRIA, the research and innovation pillar of the CMA. SRIA addresses fundamental Black Sea challenges and promotes blue growth and economic growth in the region. It develops innovative research infrastructures and enhances education and capacity building.


4. What is the role of this website?

The website showcases the various activities in context of the CMA. It is a central place for all information linked to the maritime policy in the Black Sea region. In addition, it serves as a tool for leveraging activities and planning projects. It aims to motivate stakeholders and beneficiaries to join forces and exchange knowledge, best practices, and successes. Here you will find timely information on events or funding opportunities, helping interested stakeholders in carrying out their project ideas and identifying the right connections who possess existing and adequate funding instruments for their ideas.


5. How can the BSAM assist me?

The BSAM supports cross-sectoral structures at national level, by engaging relevant stakeholders and identifying their needs and priorities. It performs joint studies of areas of mutual benefit aimed at developing and transferring knowledge. 

It also organises events on blue economy opportunities, such as the Annual Stakeholder Conference, national events, and regional workshops, which contribute to raise awareness and build capacity. Finally, it offers assistance in developing and funding concrete projects, providing help with the application procedure.


6. What type of projects and stakeholders does it support?

The BSAM supports both national and regional projects supporting the CMA goals. Thanks to its NHs´ active position in each CMA country, the BSAM invites all types of stakeholders to participate in partner matchmaking for cooperative project development.


7. How can I keep up to date with funding opportunities?

Make sure to always consult the database which gathers all funding opportunities at European, national and regional levels. In order for a project to be eligible, it must be in line with the criteria outlined in each call. Please, contact your national hub to confirm the eligibility of your project.


8. Who should I contact if I need further assistance?

Please click here to contact the Helpdesk Infoline. The team of experts will provide an answer within 48 hours.