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1. What is the Facility for Blue Growth in the Black Sea?

The “Facility for Blue Growth in the Black Sea" is a two-year technical assistance project set up by the European Commission in October 2017 in order to promote the development of blue growth and blue economy in the Black Sea basin, in the framework of the European Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP). It consists of a team of experts on maritime issues and it aims to:

  • assist national administrations and key maritime stakeholders in accordance with their needs;
  • "facilitate" better governance in maritime affairs in the Black Sea, based on an individual country approach and according to the countries’ requests for assistance;  
  • identify shared maritime priorities at national and regional levels, including a marine research and innovation agenda.

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2. What is the role of this website?

The website aims to maintain visibility of the activities of the “Facility for Blue Growth in the Black Sea”, while establishing it as a tool for implementation of such activities and as the information hub for all issues related to maritime policy in the region. It wishes to engage stakeholders and beneficiaries to participate and exchange knowledge, best practices and success stories. Here you can find timely information on funding opportunities aiming to support interested stakeholders in realising their project ideas and create the right connections between existing funding instruments.

3. How can the Facility assist me?

The Facility organises events, such as the Annual Stakeholder conference and regional workshops, which aim at raising regional awareness and supporting coordination. It also supports cross-sectoral structures at national level, by engaging relevant stakeholders and identifying their needs and priorities. It performs joint studies of areas of mutual benefit aiming at developing and transferring knowledge. Finally, it offers assistance in developing and funding concrete projects, providing help with the application procedure.

Additionally, national structures are created and maintained, since relevant stakeholders are identified and collaborate. Ultimately, a Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea region will be created, which will incorporate issues of research and innovation.

4. What type of projects and stakeholders do you support?

The “Facility for Blue Growth in the Black Sea" supports both national and regional projects that concern the Black Sea region and welcomes all kinds of stakeholders active there (public authorities, private entrepreneurs, companies, research institutes, etc).

5. How can I keep up-to-date with funding opportunities?

You should always consult our database which gathers funding opportunities at European, national and regional levels. In order for your project to be eligible it should be in line with the criteria that are outlined in each call.

6. Who should I contact if I need further assistance?

Click here to contact our Helpdesk infoline.  Our team of experts will provide you with an answer within 48 hours.