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Our Mission

Who we are

The “Facility for Blue Growth in the Black Sea" is a two-year technical assistance project set up by the European Commission in October 2017 in order to promote the development of blue growth and blue economy in the Black Sea basin, in the framework of the European Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP). The Facility consists of a team of experts on maritime issues.

What we do

The Facility assists the public authorities of coastal countries (Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine) in developing national maritime policies in areas of mutual concern and cooperation on a regional level.

It also assists the private sector by providing all interested parties with updated information on events, news, networking and financing opportunities and by bringing together potential project partners and assisting them in developing and funding projects.

The tools the Facility uses are the following:

  • performing country assessments in order to identify individual country needs
  • consulting relevant stakeholders
  • organizing events aiming to raise support for the policies proposed
  • promoting research and dissemination of knowledge
  • supporting specific projects on maritime issues

Specific Objectives

  1. Promotion of maritime policy in the abovementioned countries aiming to facilitate further cooperation at regional level in the context of an economic validation of the sea-basin’s maritime sector.  Emphasis on blue value chains will aim to enhance the basin’s maritime sector on both national and regional levels.
  2. Raising awareness among stakeholders in the Black Sea coastal countries about the potential of Blue Economy, funding opportunities, the benefits of coordinating maritime policies and cross-sectoral coordination.
  3. Capacity building of key public officials and private sector stakeholders in the Black Sea countries to adhere to the principles of maritime policy in policy planning and coordination, notably in areas with potential for sustainable Blue Growth (including marine research) and of interest for the Black Sea countries.
  4. Knowledge and project development related to blue economy (including marine research) and to the preservation of marine and coastal environment in view of achieving a good environmental status of the sea.
  5. Maintenance of a structured dialogue and coordination on maritime affairs (including marine research) in the Black Sea countries and at a regional level.