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Blue Careers Day in Bulgaria

Blue Careers Day in Bulgaria - Κεντρική Εικόνα
Event Date: 
Thursday, 27 May, 2021 - 13:30
Sector of activity: 
Blue Careers
Blue Economy
Blue Growth

Marine Cluster Bulgaria, acting also as a National Hub Bulgaria to the Black sea Assistance Mechanism in cooperation with the Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping, and with the kind support of the "Nikola Y. Vaptsarov" Naval Academy and the Technical University – Varna are organizing:

The Blue Careers Day which will be broadcasted online via ZOOM on May 27 at 13:30 (EEST)

The fourth consecutive initiative of the maritime community, entirely in line with the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea (CMA) goals and priorities, aims at providing young people with knowledge about the variety of blue professions and attracts them towards career development in the Blue Еconomy sectors.

The event is focused on students in primary and secondary schools and Universities – those who face one of the most difficult decisions in their lives – that of choosing a profession and field of realisation. Professionals from leading maritime companies and scientific organisations will present valuable information about occupations in the sectors of the Blue Economy, including several main groups:  traditional maritime sectors (shipping, port activities, shipbuilding and ship repair, offshore oil and gas production, coastal and marine tourism, fisheries and aquaculture), emerging sectors with great potential for development (renewable energy from the sea, blue bioeconomy and biotechnology, marine mineral resources), and innovative economic activities and challenges (marine data, maritime security, maritime spatial planning, shared infrastructure, environmental protection, sustainable use of the sea and common skills).

The workforce in the sectors of the marine and maritime economy with relevant education and acquired necessary skills are valuable capital of the state and an engine of its prosperity not only in the coastal areas. Blue growth, the sustainable development of the maritime economy and protection of the marine and coastal ecosystems are among the priorities of the country and on European level.