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Tresoil, hydrogen transition as a solution to recycle

Tresoil, hydrogen transition as a solution to recycle - Κεντρική Εικόνα

TRESOIL’s vision is to propel the Europe’s burgeoning hydrogen economy whilst purging the EU of the scourge of waste plastic and toxic waste.

Within 10 years, TRESOIL intends to develop a network of up to 50 waste-to-electricity or hydrogen plants in Europe, and further explore the potential for the technology. The plants are compact, modular and factory built, so they can be erected close to the source of waste, and do not produce harmful by-products or require a smokestack (chimney). TRESOIL BIOFUELS SRL (TRESOIL) will build a game-changing PHEW2H2 demonstration unit in Romania to act as a showcase marketing tool to initiate sales in Europe and worldwide for a hydrogen fuel solution produced from municipal and commercial waste (RDF)( plastics, old tires, food, medical and toxic and hazardous waste).

PHEW2H2 DMG TRESOIL BIOFUELS SRL (TRESOIL) jointly with POWERHOUSE ENERGY GROUP PLC (PHE) have developed and will promote a fast development and commercial take-up and deployment in Europe and globally of the new (PHEW2H2)(CHP)-Ultra Heat Temperature (UHT) distributed gasification DMG® technology waste into a green transport fuel.

PHEW2H2 is a disruptive, small scale, decentralized on-site nfor all transpew gasification technology solution to produce a hydrogen transport fuel and/or electricity from waste that has the potential to replace diesel and petrol fuel as a more competitively priced zero emission alternative fuel or vehicles and helps eradicate landfill waste. PHEW2H2 producing hydrogen (H2) from municipal and commercial waste (plastics and worn tires)(RDF) at 3 Euro per kilo will out compete polluting fossil fuels in both price and as an emission free green fuel.

PHEW2H2 is at RTL 7 stage and allows for easy, economical, deployment and scaling of a modular solution to air pollution and the environmental challenge of waste eradication. The feasibility report and business plan will elaborate the commercial exploitation of a European /global dimension for sales of a no-emission plastic and waste eradication. The attraction of the PHEW2H2 system is further reinforced by China’s decision to ban all import of waste plastics (Refuse Derive Fuel (RDF)) from Europe and all countries. Europe used to ship 60% of plastics and 13% of paper for recycling to China each year. China and other countries (Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and India) have banned importing all waste plastic and other waste.