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EU project to improve knowledge and preservation of Pontocaspian species - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Documenting and understanding the evolution and the demise of the Pontocaspian biota.

Tresoil, hydrogen transition as a solution to recycle - Κεντρική Εικόνα

TRESOIL’s vision is to propel the Europe’s burgeoning hydrogen economy whilst purging the EU of the scourge of waste plastic and toxic...

How an invasive sea snail triggered cooperation in the Black Sea - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The Black Sea is nearly as lifeless as a foreign planet.

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum publishes its European roadmap! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The sea has traditionally been a large source of economic prosperity and it offers large potential to contribute to achieving quite a number of...

Blue Economy Window call - Κεντρική Εικόνα

On 25 November, the Executive Agency for SMEs organised an information day for the launch of the "...