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Sustainable Fishing Tourism as a Tool to Strength the Blue Economy

The main objective of the project is to provide mentors/trainers and adult training organisations, effective training programs in order to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of adult learners and develop new entrepreneurial initiative in the maritime sectors.

In order to facilitate the learning and personalization of training courses, FIT4BLUE foresees the development of an open EU online platform through which users (mentors and adults/workers linked with coastal economy) can benefit from learning in an autonomous way.

2nd Workshop towards the implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda

The Facility of Blue Growth in the Black Sea is pleased to announced its 2nd workshop towards the implemenation of the Common Maritime Agenda.  The workshop is being organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and it will take place in Bucharest on November 14, 2019.  Check out our event page here to read more about this exciting event and keep up to date with the preparations for the workshop. 

Registrations will be open soon!!