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Sustainable solutions for bio-based plastics on land and sea

Activities shall focus on sustainability strategies and solutions for bio-based products. They shall include innovative product design and business models facilitating efficient reuse and recycling strategies and solutions, including ensuring the safety of recycled materials when used for toys or packaging food stuffs. They shall address the technical and economic barriers to bio-based plastics recycling as regards established and/or alternative recycling options. The risk, impact and solutions to cross-contamination with conventional plastics waste streams or other contaminants shall also be addressed. Additionally, activities shall contribute to building a biodegradable plastics[1] sustainability framework by mapping and focusing on the applications where biodegradable and compostable solutions could support public policies. Work on the biodegradable sustainability framework could include pre-normative research including field tests on land and at sea. Lastly, in line with the requirements of responsible research and innovation, activities shall support the development of international fora and platforms that would facilitate systemic innovation and uptake of results by enabling different actors of the value chains, from industry to civil society and public authorities, to cooperate towards more circularity in the bio-plastics economy. Activities shall build on the results and ongoing developments of EU projects funded under Framework Programmes FP7 and Horizon 2020 as well as on available and on-going standardisation results and activities including work within CEN TC 411 or under ISO. The interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial nature of the proposal should also apply to training activities improving the professional skills and competencies and supporting the creation of new jobs in the blue economy and in the bioeconomy.

23 January 2019 - 17:00
Type of Project: 
Horizon 2020
€ 18.000.000​
Sector of activity: 
Environmental monitoring, Fish for animal feeding, Fish for human consumption