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Coordination of marine and maritime research and innovation in the Black Sea

Proposals shall develop a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and Implementation Plan and contribute to the further alignment and convergence of national research and innovation activities and other relevant initiatives and investments by and with the different actors and across different sectors in primis between the countries bordering the Black Sea coasts and the whole EU. Activities shall establish and consolidate an operational network of marine and maritime research funders and other key players. Activities shall support the design and implementation of new transnational joint activities This action shall build on past and on-going regional, international as well national and EU projects/initiatives (e.g. SEAS-Era ERA-NET, PERSEUS, COCONET, European research infrastructures such as EMBRC, Euro-Argo ERIC, ICOS ERIC and EMSO ERIC, Black Sea Economic Cooperation, DANUBIS-RI etc.). It must integrate research, policy, industry (including aquaculture) and society (including the preservation of local coastal cultures). It shall also contribute to pooling different funding streams at national and EU level, and combine them in an effective way. In agreement with the Commission services, projects should ensure appropriate flexibility so as to respond in real time to potentially fast-changing policy scenarios.

23 January 2019 - 17:00
Type of Project: 
Horizon 2020
€ 2.000.000​
Sector of activity: 
Coastal protection, Fish for human consumption, Protection of habitats, Social inclusion