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The Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative

Proposals shall address one of the following sub-topics: blue cloud services, or ocean observations and forecasting[4], or technologies for observations (in 2020). Actions shall demonstrate integration, capacity and (scientific, economic etc) potential. They shall complement and build on existing observation tools and systems such as EuroGOOS/EOOS, IOOS, GEO/GEOSS, COPERNICUS Marine Service or EMODnet, European research infrastructures such as Euro-Argo ERIC and EMSO ERIC as well as funded H2020 projects such as SeaDataCloud[5]. The interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial nature of the proposal should also apply to training activities improving the professional skills and competencies of workers and supporting the creation of new jobs in the blue economy.

23 January 2019 - 17:00
Type of Project: 
Horizon 2020
18.000.000. 6 million for sub-topic A (Blue Cloud Services) and 12 million for sub-topic B (Observations and Forecasting).
Sector of activity: 
Coastal protection, Environmental monitoring, Marine biotechnology, Research & innovation, Social inclusion, Other
Other sector of activity: 
Marine observation and forecasting - Blue Clouds