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Greening the Maritime Transport & Preparedness for Marine Pollution Prevention in the Black Sea Region

Greening the Maritime Transport & Preparedness for Marine Pollution Prevention in the Black Sea Region - Κεντρική Εικόνα
Event Date: 
Thursday, 11 November, 2021 - 14:15
Sector of activity: 
Common Maritime Agenda
Marine Pollution
Maritime Transport

The 2021 Turkish coordination of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea organised a regional webinar on “Greening the Maritime Transport and Preparedness for Marine Pollution Prevention in the Black Sea Region” on November 11, 2021 (14.15 GMT+3).

The event pursued the CMA goals and supported the definition of pathways for a green transformation of the maritime transport in the Black Sea by discussing green shipping technologies and R&D initiatives and exploring financing instruments for innovations towards green and sustainable shipping. It was also aimed at sharing knowledge and strengthening cooperation between the littoral countries of the Black Sea particularly on the prevention of pollution and preparedness for a common response in pollution in the Black Sea region.


Please find below a selection of the presentation slides used by speakers at the event:


Green Shipping: Regulatory Framework, Technologies, R&D Initiatives

Transition to low-carbon fuels to drive decarbonisation for maritime transportation in terms of regulatory framework [Kyriaki Bairaktari, DG MOVE, European Commission]

How to support green technologies under the research and innovation agenda [Mustafa Yücel, Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University; Black Sea CONNECT/SRIA]

Best practices from Western Mediterranean Sea Basin: Technical group on Green Shipping / Sustainable transport [Beladjine Boumedienne, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Green Transport and Blue Economy, Algeria; WestMed Sea Basin initiative]

Atlantic Smart Ports Blue Acceleration Network (AspBAN) [Stavros Kalognomos, CPMR Black Sea Commission]


Financing Instruments and Initiatives for Innovations towards Green and Sustainable Shipping

IPA Project on Maritime Decarbonisation and Green Shipping [Panayotis Zacharouidakis,  Technical Assistance Project for Maritime Decarbonisation and Green Shipping in Turkey]

Financial mechanisms for supporting green transformation in shipping - EBRD perspective [Asli Erden Ozturk & Julia Manning, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development] 

Decarbonization of Shipping – Black Sea perspective [Andrew Losos, World Bank]

Promoting construction of low-emission, carbon-neutral new ships and retrofitting of the existing ships to achieve sustainable and green shipbuilding [Mehtap Karahalli Özdemir, Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association]


Preparedness for Marine Pollution Prevention in the Black Sea Region

European Maritime Transport Environmental Report 2021 and Black and Caspian Sea Project, CleanSeaNet Service [Erik Noor, European Maritime Safety Agency] 

Presentation of Turkish National Maritime Safety Centre and information regarding recent oil spill case in the Eastern Mediterranean [Yusuf Koray Küçük, Department of Marine Environment, Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure]