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Blue Entrepreneurship Workshop - Follow-up on business ecosystem support

Blue Entrepreneurship Workshop - Follow-up on business ecosystem support - Κεντρική Εικόνα
Event Date: 
Monday, 4 October, 2021 - 14:30
Sector of activity: 
Blue Economy
SME support

The 'Black Sea Blue Entrepreneurship Workshop: Follow-up on business ecosystem support' took place on 4 October (14:30 to 18:10 EET) under the Turkish coordination of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea.

Across several sessions, speakers working on leading initiatives in the Black Sea region gave their insights on how the CMA, SRIA and related projects can further support local business ecosystems. For the second half of the workshop, emerging project ideas developed with the support of CMA National Hubs relevant to Black Sea SMEs and start-ups were the focus of an interactive Hackathon.


The  agenda, press release and speakers' presentation slides are available below.

Agenda: Click here

Press Release: Click here


Recording: Click here



Lessons learned from the previous regional workshop [Mustafa YUCEL, Black Sea CONNECT/METU]


Initiatives aimed at accelerating business innovations for the blue economy: Complementary objectives and Synergies 

BRIDGE-BS: Opportunities originating from scientific challenges related to Black Sea ecosystem services: Role of business and start-ups in restoring the Black Sea ecosystems [Mustafa YUCEL, BRIDGE-BS/METU]

DOORS Black Sea: Build capacity in existing and emerging sectors, develop new start-ups [Eleonora TSAMPAOU, DOORS Black Sea]


Challenges and opportunities in supporting innovative SMEs in the Black Sea

Black Sea Trade and Development Bank - Promoting Cooperation & Development in the Black Sea Region [Roman MATKIWSKY, BSTDB]

Blueing the Black Sea (BBSEA) support for Innovators and Entrepreneurs [Rieko KUBOTA, World Bank]

EU BlueInvest Platform > Lessons learnt from 2 years of coaching EU SMEs in investment readiness [Magdalena Andreea STRACHINESCU OLTEANU, DG MARE]


Hackathon: project ideas to support blue economy investment and innovation environment in the Black Sea 

EMFAF Call for projects - Black Sea blue economy investment and innovation [Patrizia BUSOLINI, DG MARE]

Up-Blue (Accelerating uptake of innovation in Blue Value Chains) [Ketevan BULISKERIA, Batumi Technology and Innovation Agency]

AspBAN project - Diversification of port activities [Elise WATTRELOT, Atlantic Arc Commission, CPMR]

DigiCirc: Acceleration of SMEs across EU sea-basins (experiences from the blue economy call) [Davide GUARIENTO, DigiCirc]


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