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Marine Pollution EU MODEX Discussion Based Exercise

Marine Pollution EU MODEX Discussion Based Exercise - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The purpose of the contract is to design, plan, conduct and evaluate a discussion based EU MODEX exercise including a workshop (hereafter referred as the exercise) for offshore and onshore marine pollution response capacities, EMSA capacities, civil protection modules, other response capacities registered in CECIS and CECIS Marine Pollution, a European Union Civil Protection Team (EUCPT) and Technical Assistance and Support Teams (TAST) deployable in missions under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

The main objectives of the contract are:
1) To enhance the coordination of assistance interventions by ensuring improved cooperation and interoperability between the offshore and onshore marine pollution response capacities/ authorities, civil protection intervention teams and other intervention support as well as by developing the competence of the experts involved.

2) To strengthen the collaboration in the area of preparedness and response to marine pollution among authorities and stakeholders from the Member States and Participating States directly involved in managing maritime incidents and enhance their cooperation and coordination with the UCPM and EMSA in order to make best possible use of resources, services and expertise in this field of activity and to contribute to better cooperation within and/or among regional sea conventions (Copenhagen, BONN and Lisbon Agreements, Helsinki, Barcelona and Bucharest Conventions).

3) To provide a meaningful opportunity to create and build the key stakeholders relationships and networks of experts from the two communities of marine pollution and civil protection.


Link with CMA Goals 

Goal I: Healthy marine and coastal ecosystems
 /  Priority 1: Ensure the protection and sustainability of the marine ecosystem


Black Sea, Bulgaria, Romania
DG ECHO Services Contract [EC]
Sector of activity: 
Civil Protection, Environment protection, Marine Pollution, Pollution response