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Programme SMEs Growth Romania

Programme SMEs Growth Romania - Κεντρική Εικόνα

This Programme will finance projects proposed by Romanian enterprises in one of the three focus areas:

1- Green Industry Innovation,

2- Blue Growth and Information

3- Communications Technology (hereafter referred to as ICT).

The aim is to finance development and application of innovative green, blue or ICT products, services, technologies.

The expected outcome of projects financed by these Calls is increased competitiveness for Romanian enterprises within the mentioned areas, in the form of growth in turnover and net operational profit and job creation. Projects are also expected to aid in the creation and implementation of innovative products, services, and technology, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions and the creation of more energy efficient manufacturing processes.

The target group of the Programme are Romanian enterprises in the private sector (SMEs and large enterprises), but especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

It is not mandatory to have partners in the projects, but Partnership Projects are encouraged and will be awarded additional points during the assessment.

Link with CMA Goals

Goal II: A competitive, innovative and sustainable blue economy for the Black Sea / Priority 1: Foster innovative business models, stimulate research and innovation, and sustainable growth and up-to-date jobs / Priority 2: Promote transport and digital connectivity of the Black Sea

Goal III: Fostering Investment in the Black Sea Blue Economy / Priority 1: Improve access to financial resources and promote sustainable investment in the Blue economy

Eligible applicants: Enterprises with no more than 25% public ownership, established as legal persons in Romania.

The Applicant must have been established for at least three fiscal years at the deadline for submission of project proposals for the areas of Green Industry Innovation and Blue Growth, and at least one fiscal year at the deadline for submission of project proposals for the focus area ICT.

Eligible partners: Any private or public entity, commercial or non-commercial established as a legal person in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or in Romania.


Romania, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway
Innovation Norway
The total amount available for financing of projects from this Call is 7.355.329 Euro. The amount is divided between the Programme focus areas into the following indicative amounts: - Green Industry Innovation: 3 145 029 Euro - ICT: 1 685 300 Euro - Blue
Sector of activity: 
Blue Growth, Green Industry Innovation, ICT