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COS-ENTRECOMP-2018-3-01: Support for the Implementation of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

The overall goal of this call for proposal is to turn EntreComp as an idea into action to bring value to communities of users at local, regional national level. This initiative aims to get together relevant players in a number of countries to create a collaborative community that will explore how the framework can function as a catalyst and a tool, to foster the entrepreneurial skills of young people and citizens in general. It is essential to help public authorities, educational institutions and the private sector to use EntreComp’s findings in a collaborative way.  The goal is to bring together key stakeholders (at EU, national, regional or local level) for interactive discussions around the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp), with the objective to build collaborations between education and training providers, enterprises and other stakeholders and to actively involve the target user groups in a co-design process.

EntreComp is going to be a central instrument for the promotion and uptake of entrepreneurship education across Europe.

The specific objectives of this call for proposals include:

  • Encouraging system-level development of support for the entrepreneurship competence, including for instance new policy strategies and initiatives, the establishment of durable national, regional or local collaborative  communities, high level curricula reform, strategic partnerships between different sectors etc.;
  • Using EntreComp, to develop a holistic set of learning opportunities, education and training programmes and support services for the development of the entrepreneurial competence throughout life;
  • Engaging with employers and employment services to support the development and assessment of entrepreneurial competences in job seeking, in the work place and during working life;
  • Encouraging innovation and new approaches to entrepreneurship competence development in different learning settings (including formal, non-formal and informal settings) and the involvement of new providers, companies, NGO, intermediaries;
  • Using EntreComp to form responses to the changing nature of labour market and education and training, due for instance to digital technology, to support citizens’ innovation and creativity.
  • Disseminating lessons learnt to stakeholders and policy makers from other regions and countries;
  • Bringing countries (and/or regions, cities) together to exchange experiences and good practices in building a coherent methodology to support the development of entrepreneurial skills at national and local level.

An information session is available here

More information, including the application package can be found here.


22 August 2019, 17:00 Brussels
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